Spring Film Festival

Congratulations to our Audience Choice Award Winners!

Dog Tricks by Mac Ullem

Wrigley, a 3 year old labradoodle, is always hungry but her horrible brother never shares! Will she get the food or will the horrible brother stop her?

The Portrait by Emmy Perry

A vain young girl goes to the park to sunbathe but stays longer than expected after she finds that an attractive artist there has started to paint a portrait of her. Could this be love?

Films from our
Middle School Classes

The Peanut Butter Mess by Taylor Conley

When Taylor forgets to put the peanut butter away her dog, Roxy, makes a mess!

Bella and the Bully by Alexa Krall

Bella is being bullied by Bob until she alters her calculator to have magical powers.

The Best Day by Braeden Nock

My favorite things to do during my free time!

Paint Problems by Petyon Cruse

When Kate, the artistic high schooler is assigned a school art project she tries her best to work with the challenges thrown her way.

Sierra and the Suspicious Scent by Jackson Sant

Sierra must react quickly to regain her stolen treats!

All You Need is Family by Liam De La Fuente

Christian gets mad and wishes that his family would disappear. What will he do when his wish comes true?

 Time Card by Adriana Krall

Alexa finds a magical card in her deck of cards and figures out how to use it to her advantage.

 My Way by Molly Hogan

A fairy grants Michael wishes but they seem to be more of a curse.

Sprite by Austin Brinker

A toddler is determined to drink the forbidden soda.

 The Magic Horse Shoe by Lila Wohlgemuth

When Charlie’s dreams are crushed after his parents won’t let him get a dog, he comes across a magical horse shoe which grants him three wishes.

Liar, Liar, Planet on Fire by Mike He

When Jack forgets to turn in his homework, he comes up with a whopper of a lie to cover it up.

 Fridge Full of Fruit by Christian De La Fuente

Liam discovers his fridge is magically making food appear. Will he use it for good or evil?

Cookie Monster By Spencer Olvera

While baking cookies, Spencer begins to suspect there might be a thief.

Matthew’s Rough Day by Matthew Valente

Matthew is doing his homework but his phone is distracting him.

The Ball by Carson Hagmier

A beloved toy is heart broken when he is outgrown.

Films from our
Upper School Classes

Rumble Thy Bellyful (Shakespeare) by Cole Robinson

A man who has lost everything to natural forces denounces them for conspiring against him, while he can do nothing in return.

The Projector by Riley Harrison

Two kids discover their Grandma's old projector, but once they are sucked inside they have to work together to find a way out.

Fairytale Land by Lily Nolet

Ryleigh, an intelligent girl who loves books, goes to sleep and wakes up in an alternate reality.

Broken (Shakespeare) by Emma Evanson

An distorted, figurative experimental film depicting Sonnet 119 written by William Shakespeare.

Tangerine Trouble by Jamil Mckean

A boy tries to eat his tangerine in peace but a mischievous old wizard plays a prank on him.

Desired Reality by Winston Verdult

A troubled teenager chooses gaming and virtual reality over his own family and health. 

Caesar's Obituary by Bobby Springer

A young man struggles with the responsibility to write the obituary for his powerful friend, to not only deliver the right message, but with the right honor given to a controversial figure.

Magic by Jack Wagner

While cleaning out his room, a young boy finds a mysterious old book that seems to have magical properties.

Pancake Panic by Ciara Robertson

A happy young boy finds a mysterious pancake only to have his dog eat it and disappear.  Can he must find his dog before it's too late?

Immortalitatis (Shakespeare) by Andrew Ashman

This film is based on an excerpt from Macbeth, by Shakespeare, and it features a singular character, Lady Macbeth, and the struggle to succumb to the shadows of darkness or not.

Don’t Forget to Study by Ryan Reda

Procrastination becomes a huge problem when deadlines are looming.

Babysitting Misadventure by Gabriella Eifrig

In order to prove his responsibility to his parents, a young boy babysits his younger cousin. When she disappears he’s on a mission to find her before his parents get back home.

Sleepless Sorrows (Shakespeare) by Jake Reeves

A man struggles to cope after many sleepless nights.

The Box by Aaron Kim

A boy finds a magical box that seems to grant wishes.

The Punishment by Jerry Gao

Larry, home schooled student, struggles to turn in his homework on time after playing too many video games. With one day left in the semester he will be grounded by his parents for the rest of his life if he doesn’t get in all of his missing assignments turned in.

Hamlet (Shakespeare) by Tommy Colglazier

The ghost of the King of Denmark tells his son Hamlet to avenge his murder by killing the new king...his uncle.

The Book by Johnny Iavarone

A curious boy finds an old dusty book on a bookshelf in his house and teaches himself how to transform objects just by touching them.

The Fight for the Win by Blake Scheel

A dedicated kid has never beat his friend in their favorite game before. After non-stop playing, he finally believes he is good enough to win the game.

Lucky in Pink by Elise Peffer

Before the big dress up festival called "Luck Fest," a vengeful teenage leprechaun-in-training is overjoyed when she discovers she can turn her strictly green wardrobe her favorite color, pink putting her at odds with her strict parents’ lessons on becoming a proper leprechaun.

Before It’s Too Late by Amy Na

A young girl struggles with day to day life during the pandemic.

Thirsty by Eva Dandel

A runner on the beach comes to the end of her workout.

The Wrist Band by Cooper DeVries

Two third grade boys are equally matched in basketball until one of them find a mysterious wrist band that says "Never miss".

A Genie Named Bob by Max Page

When unsuspecting Jack accidentally rubs a lamp, he summons a charismatic genie who just won't go away.

You Are What You Eat by Kate Lee 

A naive girl desperate for food believes that her eccentric next door neighbor is making a lovely dinner for her when in reality, SHE is the dinner.

Bottom of the Ninth

by Kate Lee and Max Page

A young baseball player dreams of being the greatest of all time.

Competition Films
These films were made in teams for the All American High School Film Invitational.
Students had three days to write, shoot, and edit a short film
with the theme"The Greatest of All Time".

Note: team films are not eligible for audience choice award voting.

The Interview

by Emmy Perry and Winston Verdult

When Stephanie arrives for an interview she is a little too honest about what she likes to do.

Bottom of the Ninth

by Kate Lee and Max Page

A young baseball player dreams of being the greatest of all time.

The G.O.A.T. Academy

by Emma Evanson, Ryan Krall,

and Charlotte Quintanar

A young dancer is evaluated for an academy that encourages those who may become The Greatest of All Time in their respective fields.

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