A celebration of films made by our Cinematic Arts students at St. Margaret's.

Winter Film Festival

by Luke Evanson and Griffin Illenberger  (7th grade)

A kid is abducted by a UFO during a game of hide and seek and the alien that now inhabits his body has big plans.

by Eva Dandel

Paige and Tim go on a smashing first date but there's something that may get in the way of their relationship.

Middle School Films:

 Herbert Glerbett

by Audrey Kim (8th grade)

When a man eats too much sherbet he becomes something rather strange.

Listen to the Mustn'ts

by Jacqueline Kalvoda  (8th grade)

A young girl struggles against all limitations.

Homework Hangup

by Samantha Daniels and Griffin Illenberger  (7th grade)

When a student forgets to turn in an assignment, an overzealous Teacher's Assistant chases him down.

Chip Thief

by Catherine Pappas and Samarth Wadhwa (7th grade)

When someone steals Luke's chips he takes drastic steps to find the thief.

 It's All Worth a Penny

by Catherine Pappas, Taylor Totah,

and Emersen West (7th grade)

A young boy happens upon a space blaster and discovers a new way to make money!

How's It Feel?

by Nathan Eubanks and Samarth Wadhwa (7th grade)

When Timothy accidentally gets hit by a space blaster, Ian is desperate to change him back.


by Ian Jaksch and Timothy Lindenfelser (7th grade)

A young boy happens upon a space blaster and must deal with the alien who comes to earth to look for it.


by Annie Weng and Catherine Fitzer (7th grade)

Cadence can't find her glasses.


by Annie Weng and Cadence Liu (7th grade)

Catherine finds a space blaster but appears to be the only one that can see it!


by Nathan Eubanks and Ian Jaksch (7th grade)

Things get a little heated during a friendly game of lunchtime football.

Upper School Films:

Coming Home

by Riley Harrison

A lone astronaut leaves earth to settle on a new planet.

The Liar's Kiss

by Max Page

Raymond attempts to get his girl, Rosy, back from kidnappers only to find the tables have turned.

I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud

by Emma Evanson

A lonely girl wanders through her imagination and finds a little star that teachers her the meaning of friendship.

The Red Shoes

by Kate Lee

Kasandra is obsessed by a pair of red shoes but discovers they cannot be removed from her feet.

Sweets Snatcher

by Neela Gerayli and Cathryn Giusto

When a trick-or-treater notices her candy mysteriously vanishes after each house she visits, she has an unexpected encounter with her "sweets snatcher".


by Kat Dubrow and Wisnel Shook

Neela and Tyler face off in an intense game of Uno to decide who gets the prize of the last cup of hot chocolate.

Mail Complications

by Mike He

A high school student procrastinates and now struggles to turn her college application in before the deadline.

Paint Splash

by Neela Gerayli and Tyler Rizzone

Two students battle over art supplies with a messy result.

Sugar Headache

by Caden Mai and Tyler Rizzone with Wisnel Shook

Two students place a bet for all the candy.


by Kate Purpura and Abby Westhead

Two students walk into a classroom filled with boring grey chairs and battle it out for the one fun blue chair.

Raging Against the Machine

by Tess Genske and Abby Westhead

At a school with a strict dress code, an uptight teacher finds her next target.